Poet, Jennifer Perrine, Addresses Vulnerability in Afternoon Q&A Session.

Decorated poet, Jennifer Perrine, read a sampling of her work, gave insight into her writing process, and addressed the level of vulnerability in her poetry. Thursday, April 6 in Flaherty Hall.

"On the page, I can be vulnerable," said Perrine.

Perrine noted that the inspiration and motivation behind many of her poems stemmed from abusive relations towards women she has witnessed in her lifetime.

"Write a poem from someone who's lonely; a poem from them to me," said Perrine on her inspiration behind one of her most famous poems, 'A Letter to Half a Lifetime Ago'.

After reading the poem aloud, Perrine shared the original poem that she wrote in a full notebook, while on sabbatical by Drake University.

Perrine also gave a reading of her poem, 'Tis of Thee,' which she wrote in one day.

After reading each published poem aloud, Perrine also shared with the audience the original poem to show how her work evolves through the writing process.

"I call it quits when I read it [the poem] and it surprises me each time," said Perrine regarding when her poems are ready to be published.

Questions asked by the crowd ranged from wonderings about Perrine's favorite poets, to past musical talents.

Yet, the majority of the crowd's curiosity was sparked by the bold topics and sense of vulnerability Perrine exposes in her poetry.

To purchase a copy of Jennifer Perrine's books of poetry visit www.jenniferperrine.org.

Editor's Note: Coverage of Perrine's evening reading is in the April 27 edition of the "Mount Mercy Times" on page 2.